They say :if you want to kill someone fill them with love and then leave ……

My problem is that you didn’t fill me with love in fact you never showed it because simply you didn’t have it towards me ..Now that I’m watching the photos and videos of you travelling and having fun with others I see how narrow my place and importance in your life .

That’s why I think that this saying is controversial because you don’t kill someone by loving them and then disappearing because at least they knew that love, they felt it ,they lived it, and maybe that’s even better because now they know what kind of a person you are the kind that is too weak to love for longer and commit to the person they you used to love

You only kill someone with coldness , ignorance my friend .


Speechless !

Speechless …. I remain once again speechless in front of these actions that are taking place in the world , No excuse me that are taking place in the Arab world .

Since 2011 , Syria has been suffering from wars , bombs, nightmares ….

The number of dead people would be uncounebale , all toddlors,teenagers; adults faced pain,suffering , the lost of family members then death .

God created this world for us to have equal chances.

So why are we keeping ours and stealing the others ?

Why did we become this cruel , heartless and merciless people ?

Why are we this Coward not to stand for what we believe in . For what belongs to us !! Syria is ours , Syria belongs to us Arabs but what can I say … SHAME ON US really !!!


the main picture future a Syrian boy . Omran 5 year old is shocked, speechless after his house collapsed,  he was found under the rubble .

He was lucky he made it while others didn’t . Now I’m standing right here asking :

omran made it for what, the arab world is still sleeping , ignoring the situation .

For this I’m really ashamed for being an Arab because where I came from they are unfortunatelly heartless and merciless .

I don’t know how but I hope this helps in a way or another!


How Life became for them


We are surely living in a world where everyone is taking care of their own business. Going to school/work , running errands , taking care of the kids ; getting throw exams . But no one of us remember THOSE PEOPLE we are so attached to our own lives that we turn the blind eye to what is happening today to THOSE and by that I mean « refugees  » These people were obliged to leave their country to run away as soon as possible to protect their kids from war, hunger, unstable life, hoping one day the war ENDS .

Over 60 Million refugees worldwild !

over 60 million people from all ages are fighting every single day to live … But yet we still pretend that nothing is happening and we are convinced that the world is an amazing place .Well it may be for you but surely not for them !

Today Im writting this because it’s so sad to see these people struggling, to see dads cry ,mothers loose their children everyday, and to see us leaving our lives without even showing a bit of emotions towards them and we keep forgetting that we have the same right to live a proper life ,one where there is food ; electricity ; water and most important SAFETY. Just please let us not forget about them and try to help them as much as we can ❤

« just because it is happening to you it isn’t happening at all »

« All lives matter « 

NEW YEAR 2016 !

Isn’t it weird that time flies super fast ? Yesterday we celebrated the new year 2016 . I don’t know about you but last year aka 2015 was very hard for me ,I lost a lot of people that I knew and I loved truly and deeply . But actually Im not here today to talk to you about that no in fact Im here to talk to you about an important subject which is :
let’s celebrate the new year , let’s have fun and hope for the best but also let us not forget about others who are in need for help , please let us not forget about  poor people , about wars , about humanity in fact let’s revive our humanity this year ! let’s love others , let’s help who are in need , let’s contribute for better future let’s not just pray for wars to end , but take place in the changes that surely needs to be taken to lead us to a peaceful world to a beautiful world . I truly hope that everyone of you be the better person that they want to be by helping , caring , and loving without limits wherever the color , the religious , the gender  is .
(In order for change to happen there are important steps that need to be taken)
Have a wonderful year everyone , love wissal ❤


Nowadays a lot of people are having this enter battle of choices, they don’t know what they want to be or what carrer to choose when they are older which is completely normal . But you know I’ve never been one of those people, I’ve always known what I wanted and why I wanted it. But these few days I faced a situation where good needs to be involved against the bad where me as a human need to defence and to fight and I did that .Mainly I did what I thought was the right thing to do at that point , but as soon as it was over a feeling got me , I felt like « omg is that really what I want to do ? is that my mission in life ? but not the fear of doing the right thing hold me it was a hell of another thing . I thought do I really have to be bad to defend rights ? do I have to talk and attack people with nasty words ? do I have to give them that look ? full of disrespect and ignorance ? I felt that I’m a bad person claiming to defend the rights of other people , I felt so ashamed of myself and truly disappointed . But now after a lot of thinking , I feel like no one need to behave like I did wherever the reason you never should behave in away that makes you a bad person either you like it or not.