Speechless !

Speechless …. I remain once again speechless in front of these actions that are taking place in the world , No excuse me that are taking place in the Arab world .

Since 2011 , Syria has been suffering from wars , bombs, nightmares ….

The number of dead people would be uncounebale , all toddlors,teenagers; adults faced pain,suffering , the lost of family members then death .

God created this world for us to have equal chances.

So why are we keeping ours and stealing the others ?

Why did we become this cruel , heartless and merciless people ?

Why are we this Coward not to stand for what we believe in . For what belongs to us !! Syria is ours , Syria belongs to us Arabs but what can I say … SHAME ON US really !!!


the main picture future a Syrian boy . Omran 5 year old is shocked, speechless after his house collapsed,  he was found under the rubble .

He was lucky he made it while others didn’t . Now I’m standing right here asking :

omran made it for what, the arab world is still sleeping , ignoring the situation .

For this I’m really ashamed for being an Arab because where I came from they are unfortunatelly heartless and merciless .

I don’t know how but I hope this helps in a way or another!