How Life became for them


We are surely living in a world where everyone is taking care of their own business. Going to school/work , running errands , taking care of the kids ; getting throw exams . But no one of us remember THOSE PEOPLE we are so attached to our own lives that we turn the blind eye to what is happening today to THOSE and by that I mean « refugees  » These people were obliged to leave their country to run away as soon as possible to protect their kids from war, hunger, unstable life, hoping one day the war ENDS .

Over 60 Million refugees worldwild !

over 60 million people from all ages are fighting every single day to live … But yet we still pretend that nothing is happening and we are convinced that the world is an amazing place .Well it may be for you but surely not for them !

Today Im writting this because it’s so sad to see these people struggling, to see dads cry ,mothers loose their children everyday, and to see us leaving our lives without even showing a bit of emotions towards them and we keep forgetting that we have the same right to live a proper life ,one where there is food ; electricity ; water and most important SAFETY. Just please let us not forget about them and try to help them as much as we can ❤

« just because it is happening to you it isn’t happening at all »

« All lives matter «