NEW YEAR 2016 !

Isn’t it weird that time flies super fast ? Yesterday we celebrated the new year 2016 . I don’t know about you but last year aka 2015 was very hard for me ,I lost a lot of people that I knew and I loved truly and deeply . But actually Im not here today to talk to you about that no in fact Im here to talk to you about an important subject which is :
let’s celebrate the new year , let’s have fun and hope for the best but also let us not forget about others who are in need for help , please let us not forget about  poor people , about wars , about humanity in fact let’s revive our humanity this year ! let’s love others , let’s help who are in need , let’s contribute for better future let’s not just pray for wars to end , but take place in the changes that surely needs to be taken to lead us to a peaceful world to a beautiful world . I truly hope that everyone of you be the better person that they want to be by helping , caring , and loving without limits wherever the color , the religious , the gender  is .
(In order for change to happen there are important steps that need to be taken)
Have a wonderful year everyone , love wissal ❤