Nowadays a lot of people are having this enter battle of choices, they don’t know what they want to be or what carrer to choose when they are older which is completely normal . But you know I’ve never been one of those people, I’ve always known what I wanted and why I wanted it. But these few days I faced a situation where good needs to be involved against the bad where me as a human need to defence and to fight and I did that .Mainly I did what I thought was the right thing to do at that point , but as soon as it was over a feeling got me , I felt like « omg is that really what I want to do ? is that my mission in life ? but not the fear of doing the right thing hold me it was a hell of another thing . I thought do I really have to be bad to defend rights ? do I have to talk and attack people with nasty words ? do I have to give them that look ? full of disrespect and ignorance ? I felt that I’m a bad person claiming to defend the rights of other people , I felt so ashamed of myself and truly disappointed . But now after a lot of thinking , I feel like no one need to behave like I did wherever the reason you never should behave in away that makes you a bad person either you like it or not.